Chemical process equipment

“BALTIC INDUSTRIAL COMPOSITES” Ltd. offers a variety of equipments made of fiberglass (FRP) for chemical processes. We can produce various kinds of chemical reactors for carrying out different chemical processes. We can perform coating of customer’s devices with fiberglass.

The fiberglass (FRP) material demonstrates high chemical resistance to a variety of chlorine compounds, and to acids and alkalis of low concentration. In addition, we widely use various materials that raise chemical and thermal resilience, such as synthetic paper (SV), ECR glass fiber, carbon powder and fabric, silicon coating to reduce abrasivity, 3D glass fiber materials, etc.

Our specialists have produced equipments for up to pressure of 3bars and up to temperature of + 1300C0. Often, our reactors are supplemented with heating or cooling elements of titanium or other special alloys. The experts of “Ventspils Composites, Ltd.” will recommend you the best solutions.