About Company

“BALTIC INDUSTRIAL COMPOSITES” Ltd. is an international company that unifies experts of the fiberglass industry from several countries. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in Scandinavia, Baltic States and CIS countries.

Originally company name was “VENTSPILS COMPOSITES” Ltd. Owners of the company decided change name to “Baltic Industrial Composites” Ltd. , thus identifying companies target and position in the market , what was registrated 19.of October 2017.

We are specialized in production of fiberglass (FRP) structures for the needs of chemical, petroleum and energy industry. We produce both small reactors or tanks and large products that are impossible to be transported. In such cases, we produce the products directly in the territory of the customer.

We are experienced in acting in accordance with international standards AD-Merkblatt (Germany), EN13121 (Europe), ASME RTP 2000-1 (USA), PLN-83 (Sweden). We have the latest production equipments and technologies and highly qualified engineering staff and experienced employees.

We offer standard fiberglass pipelines from our business partners in Finland. In the framework of projects that need volumes of materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), fluoroplast (PVDF), we are working with our business partners from Estonia

If you need to store aggressive chemicals, transport aggressive flue gases or liquids or produce devices for wastewater treatment, you are welcome to ask us your questions. The experts of “BALTIC INDUSTRIAL COMPOSITES” Ltd. will find you the necessary engineering technical solution.!